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Lavender, the natural remedy that creates a beneficial influence
on the soul and on the body.



Lavender is a medicinal plant with a pharmacological qualities. It's a natural remedy

that has a beneficial influence on the mind, body and spirit thanks to its soothing and relaxing powers. Used in Cosmetics, Toiletries and Home application, it is a valuable remedy for many problems.

The properties of Lavender as external use:

1) Rebalancing of the central nervous and vegetative system: it is recommended

in cases of nervousness, neurasthenia, nausea, fainting tendency (fainting),

heart palpitations and, in general, in all cases of psychosomatic illnesses.
2) anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory: externally applied lavender is very

effective to calm the joint or muscle rheumatic pain, such as arthritic pain in the

neck or back pain, gout, stiff neck, lumbago, sciatica, etc. It is also very effective

in case of dislocations, sprains, bruises and muscle strains.

3) Antiseptic and healing: the lavender infusion is used for washing ulcers and

infected wounds, as it helps them to heal quickly. Lavender oil relieves pain

in light burns (first degree) and soothes irritations caused by insect bites.

4) Relaxing and restful: after long walks, after exercise or when you feel very tired,

a warm bath with water or lavender essence helps to stimulate the circulation

and eliminate the feeling of fatigue. The effect increases if the bathroom is followed

also a massage to be carried out with the massage oil.
5) Sedative: the simple act of breathing the aroma of lavender exerts a pleasant

and effective action on the central nervous system. This plant is suitable for

hyperactive children or who sleep badly. In this case, it is effective to put a few

drops of lavender essence on the pillow of the bed or on a handkerchief placed

near the face of the child.

6) Balsamic: the essence is taken by inhalation or vapors, to accelerate the

treatment of laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchial catarrh and colds.


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