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legislation exists to define a product "natural".
Our company policy, however, tends more and more
to create and offer products with high content of plant material
or of plant origin with the elimination of components
that may lead to negative real or even apparent.
For this reason our lines Cosmetic and Home care can be defined


Raw materials excluded:
Are not used components deriving from Oil or Petrolati
(paraffins, vaseline, mineral oils, etc.). We are replaced preservatives family
of parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben)
with other natural preservatives.

The cosmetics brand "LAVANDA ITALIA" do not contain volatile organic compounds
(VOCs). The alcohol products in general and perfume for home in particular,
does not contain methanol, hydrocarbons, solvents, or other VOCs but exclusively
ethyl alcohol for food denatured for cosmetic use.

Other productive guarantees:
The cosmetics brand "LAVANDA ITALIA"
are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic products. This is demonstrated by tests
conducted on samples of consumers. Also all the raw materials that constitute
their components, as declared by manufacturers, and used in the maximum
levels permitted, are considered hypoallergenic.

The cosmetics brand "LAVANDA ITALIA" are not subject to testing or persons,
or to animal testing to prove efficacy or harmfulness. All the raw materials that
constitute their components, as declared by manufacturers, are not subject
in animal tests.



"LAVANDA ITALIA" brand cosmetic products are offered with minimal packaging

that will guarantee quality and durability, but without the use of cardboard

boxes and luxury containers.

This choice, in addition to taking into account the ecological and energy saving

message, very much felt by consumers, also allows us to offer quality products

at a very affordable price. To ensure their integrity and conservation,

the products are supplied in multiple packs.


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